Our new services
Here on the outskirts of Sayulita, Mexico we now offer turnkey ecobungalow building. From foundation to finishes, our clients enjoy cutting edge natural materials combined with Best Practices in tropical design.

We're talking A to Z:

  • wood work;
  • plastering;
  • adobe floors;
  • biochar-based walls;
  • solar, biodigestor and cistern installation;
  • permits, insurance and soil testing.

Our bungalows are sized in between 'tiny home' and 'medium' – just right for small families or vacationers desiring minimalist, modern and "deep green" architecture.

Prices start at 36k USD.
But there is a catch
PHYTOSTONE is a small firm and works with select local projects that are a good fit with our values.

If you are one of the unfortunate millions who live too far away for us to build your home, you can BUILD THE CHANGE with us at buildingthechange.org. This is our virtual gathering space where we will be showcasing our favorite thought leaders, materials and design in contemporary natural building.

Together, let's scale the materials and ideas that can build an alternative future for human shelter.

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