My name is Emily Majewski, and I began my journey as a building materials developer when I couldn't find conscious options for my first building project. That conundrum gave birth to PHYTOSTONE.

Everything available to build with harmed the planet, human health, or both. And it was puzzling, because the natural world reveals so many material alchemies that are strong, beautiful and healthy.

From bones to stones, from shells and exoskeletons to horns and heartwood, Nature teaches us how to create high performance materials without compromise.

The origin of PHYTOSTONE began with this question: Why can't our homes be built the same way?

Together with our clients, we are proving that they can!

Did you know?

tonnes of mercury are released into the atmosphere each year by cement kilns
of your life is spent indoors when you include sleeping
billion tonnes of solid waste are produced every year by the building industry
Building materials account for half of solid waste generated world wide.
25-40% of the world's CO2 emissions come from the building industry.
It takes 200 kg of coal to produce 1 ton of cement.
EPA: our homes' indoor air quality contains 2-5 times more pollutants than outdoor air.
Conventional paints have made the EPA's top 5 list of environmental hazards and pose major cancer concerns.
In 20 years we will be building and renovating 900,000 billion sq. feet of urban architecture.
It is our mission... imagine, invent and implement an alternative trajectory for the built environment and our homes.

We do this by enlisting the unique perspective and talents of women, leveraging the insights of nature when building structures, and prioritizing future generations as we formulate novel solutions.

If you are not satisfied with a home that penalizes human and planetary health, join us in Building the Change!
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