Our materials range from biochar-based wall materials to high performance natural plasters and waterproof adobe floors.
Unlike most building products, ours do not contain Ordinary Portland Cement, acrylic polymers, crystalline silica or petro-chemicals.
And unlike most natural materials, our products are:
not imported from Europe;
formulated to be lightweight;
composed of standardized, calibrated natural ingredients for just-add-water application;
and can be rapidly installed (you're welcome, contractors!).
exterior grade;

Want to see our work?

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CARBONCRETE, a wall filling made of biochar for insulation, air filtration and non-combustibility.
EASY-UP TADELAKT: plants, minerals and the artisan combine to make a luxxe, polished finish.
GLASS PAINT: liquid glass is mixed with plant-based glues to create next-gen paint.
Shredded coconut husks are mottled through 'NEST', our fibrous plaster.
Plaster mixed with coconut fiber.
Waterproof and durable adobe flooring.
Our ingredients are 100% plant- and mineral-based.

We don't use:
- Ordinary Portland Cement;
- acrylic polymers;
- crystalline silica;
- any petro-chemicals.
Waterproof adobe drying.
CARBONCRETE poured as a textured wall panel.
Natural plaster pigmented 'terra cotta' color using iron oxides.
Carbon-based filtering wall plaster.
Moody blue plaster containing coconut-ash carbon.
Floor laying day.
Polished adobe bar.
Smokey earthen tones.
Samples for clients.
Can't get enough of these smokey hues.
Coastal Terroire: finish made with beach sand, calcium, magnesium and coconut fiber.
Carbon plastering over gabion walls.
FERTICRETE is a nutrient-dense ceramic, made with minerals, chicken manure and coconut fiber. We pour it into molds when making grow boxes.
FERTICRETE grow boxes at work.
Metal frames support FERTICRETE panels.
FERTICRETE grow boxes lushly planted.
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